FitFirst Fall 2019 Half-Marathon Run Clinic

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FitFirst Fall 2019 Half-Marathon Run Clinic



Join runners and walkers of all abilities as we build, teach, and train together to complete a half-marathon distance—this year, we have our sights on The Vancouver Historic Half on November 24th. Our half-marathon clinics are perfect for novice runners (you should be able to comfortably run 9k at the start of the clinic)—you’ll gradually improve your fitness, speed, and strength. 

Whether you want to run 21.1k at the Vancouver Historic event or you just want to run for fun with an encouraging local community, FitFirst is the place to be this spring!

Our 12-week half-marathon training clinic offers:

  • Options for all levels. Whether you're aiming for a personal best, attempting your first half, or somewhere in between, we have a group to match your abilities and goals.

    • Half marathon groups: 10 mins run/1 min walk at a variety of paces (ranging from an estimated 1h:40min half-marathon pace to 2h30min pace)

  • Progressional training. We organize the routes and incremental training plan—so you can gradually improve your fitness, endurance, and speed.

  • Perks!  

    • 15% FitFirst store discount for the duration of the clinic

    • $40-value Brooks running apparel or accessory item

    • Informational guest speakers and experts

    • Experienced pace-group leaders

    • Prizes!


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WHERE & WHEN: Meet at FitFirst Footwear at 9:00 am for all workouts .
WHY: This running clinic is set up to help you:
- Run, walk or run/walk consistently & regularly
- Successfully complete a 10km
- Achieve your personal best & challenge yourself
- Get fit & stay fit
- Meet new runners & have fun! 
Run/Walk: This group follows a program designed for those getting into running and/or recovering from an injury. This program builds slowly in a friendly environment, while providing motivation to reach the 10km goal!
Straight Run Pace Groups: The remaining groups will follow the workout schedule listed above & will be lead through the workouts by group leaders based on a consistent min/mile pace.
Hills: Hills prepare muscles for faster running without going anaerobic. Hills also strengthen the major running muscles & help us become more efficient runners.
Fartleks: Varied intervals designed to increase your anaerobic capacity, strength & power. 
- 15% store discount at FitFirst for the duration of the clinic
- $40 Running Apparel or Accessory Item from Brooks
- All pace groups are lead by experienced leader