Footwear Fitting Tips

Running Shoes

  • Running shoes should generally be comfortably snug, with particular attention to the heel and back half of the foot.
  • It's fine—and often better—to have wiggle room in the front of the foot, with toes feeling as they can spread and wiggle without touching the end of the shoe. 
  • Aim for about a thumbs-width between the end of your longest toe and the end of the shoe while you're standing and fully weight bearing. If you are running longer than 10K, you might need more space.

Training & Cross-Training Shoes

  • Overall, cross trainers should fit slightly more snug than a runner, in order to achieve a higher level of lateral support.
  • Still fit the shoe with a thumbs-width in front, again, in order to avoid the ever painful black toe nail syndrome.
  • Training shoes, like all shoes, come in varying amounts of support—so be sure to utilize our staff in determining the level of support and rigidity that is right for you and your specific activities.

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