Staff Training Diary

As a Biomedical Physiology student at Simon Fraser University, working at FitFirst Footwear was a great hands-on opportunity to gain more knowledge on proper shoe fittings and lower limb pathologies. Starting off with a minimal background in the shoe industry, I found the job quite intimidating since I was not sure what to expect. The vast amount of product knowledge the staff had obtained through observing/performing shoe fittings, in terms of the diverse amounts of shoes and their different features, was astonishing. Yes, having a background in kinesiology did help, however, learning concepts in lecture versus having to apply those theories to real life situations was challenging. At FitFirst, I was put through the New Balance Dynamix training program that tested my anatomy, footwear, running and walking knowledge. Before fitting shoes I had to study and earn at least 80% (I got 94% yay!) on the exam before proceeding to helping customers on the floor.

The New Balance Dynamix Training Program was a useful tool to familiarize myself in the areas of foot health and footwear selection. It went into great depths about foot function, lower limb anatomy and the biomechanics of both walking and running. The combination of observing fittings and the use of the New Balance handbook aided in becoming synonymous with care, professionalism and consistency as it relates to footwear specialization. Using the help of the staff and the assistance of the New Balance Training manual, I gradually acquired skills used to identify specific footwear as it relates to common foot conditions.

With every staff member certified as fitting specialists, you will be able to trust us to help you find a pair of shoes specific to your needs!